Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I have a laptop like no other
We are so close, he's like my brother
He will do whatever I ask
No matter what he completes every task

Even though it keeps me up half the night
He knows I'd die without his light
I was so excited when I got him for Christmas
Since then he has given me nothing but happiness

When I forget to charge him he doesn't get mad
He always makes me feel better whether I'm angry or sad
The keys allowing me to set my thoughts free
Almost always and unconsequently

He plays music, games and goes on Facebook
He is such a good little Macbook
Whenever I need him he is always there
Where I'd be without him I have no idea

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Most Inspiring Teacher

I nominated Miss Kelly as the most inspiring teacher because she's fabulous. She encourages students to try their best and rewards us with stickers and fudge. She is also really laid back and helps us complete all our work. We can relate to her and she is easy to talk to.

Miss Kelly makes english extremely fun as well as educational at the same time. For most of us it's our favourite subject. She is one of the best teachers at Alfriston College because she treats all of us equally and makes learning enjoyable unlike a lot of other teachers. She gives us a good amount of homework and helps us with all our assessments. Miss Kelly is by far the most inspirational teacher I have ever had.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What Sport Should Be Included In The Olympics

I think Cheerleading should be included in the Olympics. It is one of the most competitive and athletic sports I've seen. I'm a cheerleader and it's frustrating how many people dismiss it as a sport when I know how difficult it really is. Putting it in the Olympics will give Cheerleading the recognition it deserves and also make the Olympics a lot more interesting. Not only is it nerve wracking waiting to find out who has won but it's also exhilarating watching the amazing tumble passes and crazy stunts. It's also a lot better to watch than many other sports like dressage, rhythmic gymnastics and shooting.

If Cheerleading was in the Olympics cheerleaders would have a lot more to strive for. It would also make people take the sport seriously. Right now people think the sport is just for girls and gay guys who dance around in skirts although it is a lot more than that. Making it an Olympic sport would prove everyone who doesn't consider it a sport wrong. Cheerleaders put in so much effort and they deserve to be able to compete in the Olympics.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Greatest Moment In Olympic History

I think the greatest moment in Olympic history was in 1996 in Atlanta when gymnast Kerri Strug landed her vault on one foot because it had never ever been done before and inspired many people. She was the last gymnast to vault for the United States and she needed to score higher than a 9.493 so the American team would win the team competition which the Russians had dominated for decades. On her first vault she under rotated and injured her left ankle. Her score was not high enough to beat the Russians so she went again in an attempt to get a higher score. She went for another vault and landed on one foot earning her a score of 9.712 which meant the Americans had won. Her injuries had prevented her from competing in the individual all round competition and team finals even though she qualified for both. She made Olympic history and no one has done it since.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Part 4 (:

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Detective Jones was walking down the sidewalk trying to piece the case together. It was confusing him. All he could think about was 'Where was the French man ?' Nothing made sense. He didn't understand firstly how the tractor could reverse with the handbrake on or what the French man had to do with the accident, if it was an accident that is.

As the detective considered all possible things that could of happened he noticed a familiar face across the street. It was the French man ! He saw the detective and immediately sprinted in the opposite direction. Jones chased after the suspect as fast as he could. He wouldn't lose him, he was determined to solve this case. Within less than a metre of the Frenchman he leaped and tackled him to the ground. Jones had the suspect pinned on the ground when he said....

Part 5 will be on: http://louisesenglish.blogspot.co.nz/